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Jacklyn P

Jacklyn P

Corner pockets fit on my Manduka Pro mat! Towel does not bunch up and I'm not slipping!


Anandamuni was founded at the base of the Rocky Mountains, by a Yogi with over 12 years of continuous dedication. She believes quality and affordable products can help us go deeper into our practice.  Our team of yogis test products and use them in every day practice. We strive to connect with our customers through superior products, great customer support, and a love for yoga.


Anandamuni comes from the union of two words in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages on Earth and the one used in traditional yoga). 

Ananda (Sanskrit: आनन्द): literally means bliss or happiness.

Muni (Sanskrit: मुनि ) is someone who does introspection or who is thoughtful.

The two words came together when we realized that our wish for everyone is to practice yoga with a deeper level of mindfulness in order to attain true happiness.

Our mantra then became:

Practice mindfulness and find your bliss.